Track : Vascular Biology

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Vascular Biology

The vascular system consists of both small and large vessels specially designed to possess varying levels of blood flow and pressure, depending upon the location within the body. Vascular tissue is made up of a different population of cell types, including endothelial cells, pericytes, fibroblasts, smooth muscle cells, and other connective tissue cell types. The amalgamation of these cell types make up the vascular tissue and form connections, which permit for both active and passive transport across the vessel wall. The endothelial cells located within the vascular tissue are also involved in various other activities, including: • Providing an inside layer to the heart and blood vessels • Discharge of bioactive molecules to influence local cellular settings • Intervene normal microvascular growth and angiogenesis • Molecules transport from the blood to the interstitial fluid • Relate with contiguous smooth muscle cells during growth Appellations of Vascular Systems Cardiovascular research, Inflammation, Wound healing, Burn therapy, tudies, Angiogenesis, Basic cardiovascular biology, Tissue engineering and regenerative studies, Cell signaling studies, Gene expression profiling, and Toxicology screening.